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What are ethscriptions

Ethscriptions, short for "Ethereum Inscriptions," are a creative and innovative way to store digital content on the Ethereum blockchain. These digital artifacts are not created using traditional NFT (Non-Fungible Token) smart contracts but instead rely on the data contained within Ethereum transactions to represent and store unique digital items.

What are Dumb Contracts

Dumb Contracts are a type of computer program designed to execute specific tasks within the Ethscriptions ecosystem. These contracts are simpler and more cost-effective compared to traditional smart contracts. Dumb Contracts can perform various actions, such as creating tokens, moving digital assets, and executing specific functions. They are an integral part of the Ethscriptions Virtual Machine (ESC VM) and are created using specific formats to define their behavior. Dumb Contracts maintain the decentralized and trustless nature of blockchain technology while offering efficiency and cost savings.

What is Ethscriptions Virtual Machine (ESC VM)

The "Facet VM" stands for the "Facet Virtual Machine." It's a protocol built on top of Ethscriptions, a concept related to blockchain technology. The Facet VM enhances the functionality of the Ethscriptions Protocol by allowing Ethscriptions to function as computer commands, in addition to being digital artifacts. These computer commands enable users to interact with special computer programs called "Dumb Contracts."