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In the ever-evolving landscape of Ethscriptions technology, one project stands out as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility. Ethscription Forest, led by MetaForest and hosted at, has taken the world of domain names by storm with its unique approach to web3 technology. With 48,000 domain registrations and a dedicated following of 12,000 supporters, this project is not just a technological leader but also a force for global environmental advocacy.

A Green Vision for Web3 Technology

MetaForest’s mission goes beyond technology; it’s a dual commitment to promoting green development and environmental protection while advancing the Web3 technology field. At the heart of their project lies the “.tree” domain, a unique product designed to raise environmental awareness and provide permanent, fair, and affordable domain ownership.

Challenging the Status Quo: .tree Domains vs. Traditional ENS Domains

One of the most striking aspects of the Ethscription Forest project is its departure from the traditional domain registration systems like ENS (Ethereum Name Service). ENS domains often come with high upfront costs and require ongoing renewal fees, while .tree domains are minted through ethscription, offering permanent ownership at a mere cost of $0.3. This revolutionary approach ensures affordable and truly fair domain ownership.

A Wallet Ecosystem with a User-Centric Approach

Ethscription Forest’s impact goes beyond domain registration; it has gained the support of prominent crypto wallets, including Gem Wallet, 3S Wallet, and Nabox Wallet. This means that users can send and receive crypto assets using .tree domains, simplifying their crypto experience and making the ecosystem more user-friendly.

Expanding Horizons: Ethscription Forest DAPP Integration

The Ethscription Forest DAPP has been listed on various wallets, including Bitget Wallet, TokenPocket, Nabox, Exodus, and Onekey. These integrations offer users the opportunity to explore unique features and actively participate in the growing .tree domain ecosystem.

An Inclusive Future: Collaborating with Other Projects

Looking ahead, Ethscription Forest is eager to create a dynamic and collaborative environment around .tree domains, inviting other projects to join and build together. Notable collaborations include Pokémon (Pokescriptions) and Mystic Land, both of which have crafted innovative gaming experiences based on .tree domains.

The Vision of an Open Ecosystem

In the long term, Ethscription Forest aims to establish an open and collaborative ecosystem where any project can contribute and thrive. The .tree domains, initiated by MetaForest, belong to the entire user community. This collective approach underscores the project’s commitment to fairness and inclusivity, fundamental principles for the evolution of the web3 landscape.

In a world where environmental consciousness, technological innovation, and fairness converge, Ethscription Forest and its .tree domains are leading the way. By challenging the conventional domain registration model, they are reshaping the internet’s future, offering a sustainable and equitable alternative for users and projects. With a deep dedication to environmental protection and the advancement of web3 technology, Ethscription Forest is poised to make an enduring impact on the blockchain and domain ownership landscape.


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