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The world of decentralized low-cost computing has a new name, and it’s called Facet! In collaboration with @0xhirsch, the Ethscriptions Virtual Machine has been rebranded as the Facet Protocol, or simply Facet.

The Evolution of Facet

Facet, formerly known as the Ethscriptions Virtual Machine, is set to revolutionize the way you interact with Ethereum. With a mission to enhance, not alter, the Ethereum experience, the name “Facet” was carefully chosen.

What’s in a Name?

You might be wondering why “Facet” was chosen as the new name. The answer is simple – it’s not here to change Ethereum; it’s here to change how you perceive it. Just like a gemstone reveals its stunning facets when viewed from different angles, it’s believed that altering your perspective of Ethereum will uncover its untapped potential.

Rebranding Domains

To ensure a seamless transition, some domains are getting a makeover:

  • is now
  • is now

However, some things are too iconic to change, and “Dumb Contracts” remains untouched.

Stay Connected with Facet

To stay in the loop and engage with the Facet community, here’s how you can connect:

  • Website: Visit
  • Email: Reach out at
  • Discord: Join the conversation on Discord
  • GitHub: Explore open-source projects on GitHub

Join Us in Shaping Ethereum’s Future

You are invited to join in this exciting journey of shaping a future for Ethereum without compromises. The Blockchain Revolution is just around the corner, scheduled to commence in November. Stay updated with the latest developments by following @dumbnamenumbers and @0xhirsch.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of a transformative movement in the world of Ethereum. Facet is here to redefine how you experience and interact with this groundbreaking technology.


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