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Aah, another beautiful day to dive into a brand new and cute Ethereum blockchain hand-drawn NFT (non-fungible-token) collection with over 250 visual traits called Little Women. Let’s talk about why Little Women has a fresh and unique vibe for the NFT space.

Family-friendly vision

Many NFT collections are not very family-friendly. As we all know, the NFT space is a combination of wealthy people, poor people, and a combination of both depending on the time of the day called Degens. Little Women has the vision to build a loving, kind, and delightful collection and community. They want to use the Metaverse as a vessel to bring forth the values of kindness.

Charity work

All about giving

They believe that giving back is the way forward. That’s why they will be donating 10% of revenues from both primary and secondary sales to a variety of children’s charities, mostly in Central Asia. The team will choose a charity to give to from a list of their collaborating charitable foundations with the help of their Discord community. Besides helping children in need, they will also support the growth of trees and combat climate change. They formed a partnership with UNICEF to make this goal possible. 

Information about the collection

The mint date is to be announced. The approximate date would be in late May 2022. The mint price is also unknown. It will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, so be ready with some extra ETH for the GAS fee. 

Holders of the Little Women NFT collection will gain access to a friendly community, holder-exclusive giveaways, rights to commercial use, and more to come!

The NFT team

Little Women’s team exists out of three passionate women.

  • Aida: Founder and artist who is a dog lover as well.
  • Camilla: Her duty is to keep the community loving and kind as a community manager
  • Galeon: The head developer who has been coding tirelessly to build a beautiful digital space. 

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