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As the year 2022 rolls into the holiday season, CardFI has made a huge improvement to the simple gift card. It basically lets owners attach ERC20 tokens to any NFT and give it a monetary value that can be checked.

By using CardFI’s new open-sourced protocol to link redeemable crypto tokens to NFTs, collectors can give their assets a new dimension through this great new initiative. So, this will give even the least useful non-fungible tokens a boost of usefulness.

A Versatile NFT Upgrade

On the Ethereum Virtual Machine, users can connect to four blockchains right away (EVM). So, it is bringing its unique service to the Ethereum, Polygon, Celo, and Binance networks. In the meantime, it will work with any NFT and ERC20 tokens that run on any of these chains.

CardFI’s protocol is very flexible and can be used in many ways by both individuals and businesses. These include the usual gift card function and loyalty programs, as well as NFT tickets with bonus content and fan token programs. Each one can be unlocked at a later time if you choose, and it can be fully traded on most major markets.

Also, CardFI’s secure Layer 3 protocol will keep all items from being copied, lost, or unlocked by anyone but the current owner.

This will give people who want to get the most out of their NFTs a powerful new option.


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