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JBAS is an NFT (non-fungible token), which has made an entrance with the sparkle of a new possible world. A new society of Apes was created with unique and modern art inspired by different frills and features. Each Ape is defined by more than 180 possible traits of Japanese art and culture, reflecting it in an enchanting way. 

They are a community of 10,000 Apes where every one of them is different and recognizable. Some are shockingly rare and a “bright glitter” for many people interested. 

The benefit of Owning an Ape

If you can get your hands on one of these apes, it will just double up the membership pass. Granting access to the Metaverse, a place of charms called “The Temple”. 

The Temple

Temple is the most exciting place in the game. It has been hyped up as the pinnacle of the space, a higher peak for the absolute best. 

The Temple is on a mountain, situated in the highs of clouds and realms of trees. Its name is “Honaka”, the mountain of Japanese apes. Who live at different places on the mountain but from time to time, enjoy a meet-up at the top of the mountain. 

It’s not only a place for apes but also for the JBAS DAO. So the holders with the power to vote can actually vote in the DAO. 

How To Acquire Vote

Any holder can vote if provided the proof of having an Ape and owning a flower with it. However, these flowers won’t be easy to get, they will only be acquired by pros. They will all be sent down through “AirDrop” for the holders to acquire during the exploration of the “roadmap”.

Only after that, the vote can be cast. 

Lotus Flowers

Flowers represent a specific niche of expertise in the community. There will be 9 “Lotus” flowers available and anyone with one flower will be granted the power of decision. However, this power will only be limited to that specific matter that the flower represents. 

Only the Monks and BAYC holders will have the “Will” to order around in all matters. 

The Roadmap

JBAS statement represents a single phenomenon. They don’t claim to do something that’s done for the 1st time in the world. They aren’t here to reinvent anything. However, what they are doing is different. Something a bit better, a “will” to go for innovation over invention. 

That’s what their road map is all about. There is a total of 9 stages after buying a token. To reach the pinnacle (Temple) you will have to go through places and even the final bridge. Once you have passed the final bridge you will be welcomed at “The Temple”. 


JBAS has come forward with a promising theory and an applaudable representation over the stream of the internet. They have a story, a deal, and a space for everyone interested. 

Now let’s see, what this innovation brings. 




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