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Fans all over the world are in love with NFTs like the Pudgy Penguins. Now, you might see them on a cereal box near you. This is because the project has a deal with Kellogg’s to put its famous penguin on a box of cereal.

Pudgy Penguins is working with The Breakfast Club, which is Kellogg’s new NFT-focused arm. On The Breakfast Club account, more information was given, such as how to get these cereal boxes.

If you mint one of The Breakfast Club’s NFTs, you can get a collectible Kellogg’s and Pudgy Penguins cereal box. The collectibles come with anonymous merchandise and a QR code that, when scanned, can give the owner access to even more prizes.

The social media post showed a picture of a Frosties cereal box with a character named “Tony the Tiger” and a character named “Pudgy Penguin.”


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