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With this new feature, Linktree could become a new place to build a community, make investments, and do business.
Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) are becoming more and more popular as a trend. So, information about how to use NFT is always being shared on different platforms and in different ways.

Linktree has recently added a number of features based on the Web3 to support and make money from digital activities, especially those that are closely related to NFT. People hope that Web3 will give us a new way to build communities, invest, and do business in the future.

Linktree is a place where people can share different links and content on a single, easy-to-use website page. Linktree is one of the 300 most visited websites in the world. Every month, 1.2 billion people go to Linktree.

Site of NFT Gallery

This gallery is a place where Linktree users can show off their NFT collections. For creators, URLs from their NFT collections can be added to OpenSea. Later, each preview can be linked to the Metamask e-Wallet to verify it.

If a visitor sees an NFT and wants to see it or buy it, they can click the link in OpenSea.

Using NFT as your profile picture and as your background

In addition to transactions and collections, NFT can be used as a user’s profile picture and background on their Linktree page, especially if they are a creator. Creators can only use this feature if they can prove they own it.

Images that have been verified as profile pictures will have a hexagonal frame around them. NFT images that have been verified as page backgrounds will have a verification badge at the bottom of the creator’s Linktree page. Users will find it easier to see if they have been verified because Linktree, OpenSea, and Metamask are working together.

The mechanism for locking the NFT

With this feature, creators can use Smart Contract Addresses to lock their links in Linktree. The link can only be reached by people who have NFT from certain collections.

Visitors just need to connect their e-Wallets as proof of ownership to open and use the site. This feature makes it easier for creators to give bonuses to people who own their NFT collections.

Alex Zaccaria, Co-Founder and CEO of Linktree, said that Web3 and the power of blockchain give creators an exciting way to make money from interest and grow their community.
“As the creator ecosystem moves toward this new version of the internet, Linktree is excited to give creators a place to share their digital assets and show off the things they love.”


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