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Reddit’s NFT collection, called “Collectible Avatars,” is unique because it can be customized just like the rest of its avatars.

One by one, the social platforms are dipping their toes into the NFT pool. With a feature called Collectible Avatars, Reddit is the third platform to add NFT integration after Twitter and Facebook.

Reddit said in a blog post that collectible avatars are basically a continuation of the customizable avatar feature that has been around since 2015. When Reddit noticed that NFT was becoming more popular, it was inspired to improve this avatar feature until it became a real asset that the user owned and could use to reward those who created it.

One interesting thing about collectible avatars is that users can change them even more if they want to. So, once a user buys an NFT Collectible Avatar, they can dress it up with different accessories, just like when they use the Avatar Builder to make a normal avatar. So how do other people know that the avatar is really an NFT? Well, if you look at the user’s profile picture in the comments column, you can see that it has a special sparkle.

Reddit chose Polygon to run its NFT Collectible Avatar collection on the blockchain. Reddit worked with a number of independent artists at the start of this launch to make dozens of collectible Avatar designs. According to The Verge, Reddit takes a 5% cut of the sale of each collectible avatar. The rest of the money goes to each artist.

There will be many copies of each Collectible Avatar design, so don’t be surprised if you see other users with the same Collectible Avatar as you (only the serial number is different). Every NFT Collectible Avatar can also be traded for free on secondary markets like OpenSea and SuperRare.

The last thing that makes Collectible Avatars unique is that each of its non-fungible token (NFT) assets can be bought with regular money instead of crypto currency. All NFT Collectible Avatar assets will be stored in Vault, Reddit’s own cryptocurrency wallet that works with the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem.

At the moment, anyone who joins the r/CollectibleAvatars subreddit can buy the new NFT Collectible Avatar. Reddit will have a big sale of collectible avatars in the next few weeks. Users can buy them by going to the avatar menu on their profiles.


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