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With the launch of Samsung US in Discord today, the company takes the next step toward the Web 3.0 universe. After the success of Samsung 837X, our immersive metaverse experience in Decentraland, and Samsung Superstar Galaxy on Roblox, the official Samsung US Discord server will go live on June 7 at 8:37 a.m. ET as a place to strengthen relationships with customers and build a community of content creators. The Samsung US Discord server will give users new and unique experiences by using the brand’s commitment to bold innovation and ability to push boundaries, both in the real and digital worlds.

Fans, gamers, and creators can talk to each other on the Samsung US Discord server and get access to exclusive items, events, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other Web3-based goodies.

On June 7, the first people to join the Samsung US Discord server will be able to use the OG position for the first 24 hours. From June 7 to June 10, Samsung will pick fans at random to give away products every day in groups of 8, 3, 7, and then X. This will keep fans guessing about what’s next, which is a way to thank them for their continued support. Samsung US will also offer virtual versions of events happening in the Samsung 837 venue and the Samsung Odyssey gaming experiences.

“Using virtual communication platforms like Discord, we can establish a community where both current and new Samsung fans may congregate. We get to explore this new frontier alongside these fans as they anticipate an NFT drop, an exclusive product giveaway, or a virtual event, allowing us to experiment, learn, and ultimately shape the future of our metaverse – it’s incredibly exciting! “Michelle Crossan-Matos, chief marketing officer for Samsung Electronics America, said.

Michelle Crossan-Matos

As the main way to interact with Web 3.0 and the metaverse, more than 100 million people use Discord to talk to their friends and communities. The company’s move into Web 3.0 and the metaverse is shown by the launch of the Samsung US Discord server. Since January 2022, the brand has used the metaverse to educate and engage customers through immersive, interactive experiences based on its strategic pillars of sustainability, personalization, and connection. Samsung has put on six themed quests and livestreamed events on Decentraland and Roblox, such as concerts, mixed reality dance parties, user-made NFT art, and digital wearables.


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