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Information about the start

Line Next, the US branch of Line has announced a teaser website for the web3 platform Game Dosi. The news was made public on November 13, 2022. Line is a mobile messaging app that competes with WhatsApp, WeChat, and Kakao. In Japan, there is a big trend for line. Game Dosi is an online gaming platform that lets other game companies release tokens that can’t be used in other games (NFTs). The team said that the goal of Game Dosi is to make games that are easy to use and fun to play.

It also has solutions that make it easier for game developers to make their games. The platform also makes it easier for developers to make Web3 games by giving them an easy-to-use development kit.

Another benefit of this platform is that it helps with marketing and promotion while using marketing solutions on Line’s services. It also gives legal advice on rules and risk management. It also gives information on tokenomics to help people use token currencies as much as possible. Tokenomics can also give people tools for building communities.

More Details on DOSI

The company also emphasized that Dosi is a Web 3 blockchain-based gaming platform that lets users play fun and interesting games without having to worry about crypto technology and decentralization. The platform also makes it easy to buy digital products and quickly trade them. Dosi is a full platform that was built with Line’s knowledge and skills.

Line Next takes another step toward making NFTs more popular by adding a marketplace to its services. This consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace makes it easy for people to buy and sell non-fiat currencies (NFTs) all over the world. Users can pay for NFTs in this way by using ETH (via the metamask wallet), a credit card, or Line’s Naver Pay payment service. Dosi citizens also get benefits for being a member, and Dosi Adventure has just started.


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