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Play-To-Earn Guilds

Join a blockchain guild

What is a blockchain gaming guild?

In general, a gaming guild is a group of people who play games together and help each other in and out of the game. They work together in the game world and are also called “clans.” A crypto gaming guild is a group that helps players who might not be able to afford training, tools, NFTs, and money on their own. When a player makes money, that money is split between the player and the guild.

Why use a play-to-earn Guild?

The idea of gaming guilds, which has been around for a long time, has recently been applied to play-to-earn games. Among other things, crypto gaming guilds give people who want to try play-to-earn games but can’t afford to do so the chance to do so.

Here is a simple example of a typical gaming guild situation. Aspiring gamers can get “scholarship” slots from a guild. Then, guild members who already have NFTs can lend or “rent” them to the so-called scholars. Scholars then go to their guild and play a crypto game that goes with the NFT they rented.

When the scholar player wins and makes money, the guild members get a cut. Most of the time, 10% goes to the guild, 20% to the managers, and 70% to the game scholars. The way it is given out depends on the gaming guild.


Top 5 play-to-earn Guilds


Yield Guild Games

Yield Guild Games (YGG), which Gabby Dizon helped to start, is the best NFT gaming guild right now. Axie Infinity, Guild of Guardians, The Sandbox, and Star Atlas are all games that are part of YGG.


UniX Gaming

More than 5,000 members of UniX’s guild play Axie Infinity. It also works with Splinterlands, and players who are interested will soon be able to play Sipher and The Sandbox on it.


Merit Circle

Merit Circle is another interesting cryptogaming guild. At the time this was written, there were already 3,750 players on MC. It also has 30 games for you to play. Members of the Merit Circle also play games like Sidus Heroes and Vulcan Verse.


Avocado DAO

The people in the Avocado DAO guild call themselves Avocadians. With more than 10,000 active scholars, it is one of the biggest play-to-earn guilds out there. This guild is working with a major telecom company, TPG Telecom, to try to make the AVG token more useful in the real world. Guild members will be able to use their tokens to get access to the internet.


Good Games Guild

Good Games Guild (GGG) has been a blockchain gaming guild with a lot of promise. It’s not as old as the others, but about 1,000 people already play it. It can play Axie Infinity, Titan Hunters, and Wasted Lands. Cyball and Heroes Chained will be added by GGG.