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One of the systems that will be shown at D.G.P. New World is the one for hatching eggs.

Here is one of the interesting NFT games and metaverses that come with a V-Pet system that looks like pixels. On May 23, 2022, D.G.P. New World was finally made public.

As a player, D.G.P. New World will ask you to take care of D.G.Eggs. When the D.G.Eggs hatch later, you can use them to explore the area on the Panterra map.

D.G.Eggs will be the only way to get ready for D.G.P: Legends and D.G.Verse. To improve your partner’s ability as a D.G.Pal, it takes time for it to be used automatically throughout the entire game system.

You can bring up to 10 D.G.Eggs to the farm area, and through the History Log feature, players can find out what D.G.Pal has been up to.

You can also learn about the different kinds of D.G.Pals and how they change over time. Each D.G.Egg takes 5 days to hatch. You can give explorers a chance to earn Panterra Opal ($OPL) while D.G.Pal is growing.

All D.G.Pal have different activities that help them evolve, such as:

  • Go to different places on New World Island, like the forest or the beach.
  • Do different things and go about your daily life with help from D.G.Pals.
  • Upgrade and improve D.G.Pal’s skills until they are Prime and you can print them on NFT.

Yes, to get to NFT, you need to get your D.G.Pals status to the Prime position, which is the highest status. There are many different kinds of evolution that can happen as a result of daily and one-time activities.

The rise in status of your D.G.Pals is also random and can’t be predicted. It depends on the type of rarity of each of your D.G.Pals. In the future, Prima form, stats, and personality/attributes will be different for each evolution.

Later, you can also take part in fun events at D.G.P. New World to give your D.G.Pals different titles.

So it is very important to work on the evolution of your D.G.Eggs so they can become D.G.Pals and take part in different events until they reach the Prime position. After you get NFT Prime, you are ready to play the next match in D.G.P Legends.


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