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Players need to own in-game NFTs to use the play-and-earn system, but DeFi Land also has a free-to-play mode for new players to try out.

A recent report from the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz says that gaming-related NFTs made up 20% of all NFT sales in 2021. Also, games were the source of 49% of all crypto wallet activity in 2017. If anything, these results show that blockchain games have kept growing and that web3 is a great chance for game developers to make money.

DeFi Land is a new game that could be made with blockchain technology. As the name implies, this is a game that is meant to make decentralized finance more fun (DeFi). The game was built on the Solana blockchain, and NFT Plazas says that more than 7,500 people play it every day and 25,000 play it every month.

Most of the game play in DeFi Land is based on a simulation of farming. Players can farm, fish, shoot, harvest, take care of pets, and do other things. The game has been up and running for a while, but it just got an update that added play-and-earn features.

For these new features to work, players must have at least one DeFi Land Gen–0 NFT, which can be bought from Magic Eden, Solanart, Fractal, or (soon) the in-game marketplace. These in-game NFTs give players the tools they need to do these things, which will earn them in-game money called $GOLDY.

Along with the play-and-earn features, DeFi Land has a new currency called $GOLDY. Players can use their golden tokens to upgrade and improve their Gen–0 NFTs. Before this, $DFL, a governance token, was already in place in DeFi Land. The game’s creator says that players will soon be able to earn $DFL and blueprints for making new NFTs.

One thing that makes DeFi Land stand out is that it also has a free-to-play mode where players can use default items instead of Gen–0 NFTs. On top of that, free players can compete for leaderboard rewards and even have rare chances to earn $GOLDY.

The creator of DeFi Land plans to start testing multichain integration in the next few months and release an alpha mobile version of the game in the third quarter of 2022. Stepn, another popular Solana-based project, and DeFi Land worked together not too long ago.


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