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Defimons, an in-progress massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Mon Studios, is poised to commence its closed alpha phase, aptly titled Hunting Season.

Hunting Season is a private alpha phase that will persist until the creation of monster non-fungible tokens (NFTs) commences. As of the time of writing, no specific date has been disclosed for the initiation of free token creation. To gain entry into this closed alpha phase, interested individuals must possess a Twitter account for verification purposes and obtain an invitation code from players who have already been approved. Each accepted player has been granted three invitation codes, while partnered projects integrated into the game have also received a designated number of codes for their respective communities to utilize.

According to the announcement, this closed alpha phase can be experienced on any web browser, including mobile browsers, and native support for Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS is currently being developed.

Confirmed players can relish in completing missions and weekly quests, partake in various mini-games, and engage in diverse activities. By inviting other users and accomplishing tasks such as finishing weekly and daily missions, players can accrue mint points to increase their chances of obtaining whitelist spots for the forthcoming starter monster token creation. Holders of Apartment NFTs are automatically granted whitelist access, with a few sporadic snapshots scheduled to be taken. However, holders must create an in-game account to qualify, as whitelist spots are exclusively allocated to in-game wallets.

The Starter Monster token creation will offer players the opportunity to mint three starter monsters at no cost. At the time of writing, the date, supply, and blockchain on which players will mint their tokens have not been determined. It has been specified, however, that the entire supply is reserved for whitelisted users. If any tokens remain after the whitelisted distribution, they will be made available to the general public.


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