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After a considerable period of silence following their previous playtest, Everseed surprises us with the sudden release of their latest version of the gameplay demo.

Dubbed the “Path of Radiance,” this fresh Everseed demo introduces a plethora of new elements, including an enhanced user interface, novel maps, unfamiliar creatures, unique plants, and an upgraded system. With such additions, even those who have experienced the previous demos will find plenty to explore and enjoy.

Access to this demo game remains exclusive to owners of Ranger or Plant NFTs. While Rangers are the pricier option between the two NFT types, players can acquire an Everseed Plant for as low as 0.8 SOL (~$18 USD). Once an NFT is in possession, the demo can be accessed through the following link:

This latest demo introduces numerous fresh features to the game. Firstly, an improved interface awaits players. Although still relatively basic, it marks a notable step forward from the extreme minimalism observed in previous demos. Furthermore, players can engage with new Plants and Monsters, among them a fire-spewing plant and another that generates new stream tiles.

Moreover, the strategic decision-making aspect of the game now encompasses an additional layer. In addition to watering, players can enhance their plants using the Radiance system. This system empowers players to allocate their energy towards one of two perk options available for each plant. These perks are specific to the type of plant and can encompass attributes like increased damage or extended range. Each plant can receive up to two of these upgrades.

The new Everseed demo also introduces a Shop feature, while players earn Gems upon completing a map. However, as of now, neither of these additions serve a purpose.

One setback in this demo is the absence of the ability for players to choose their Pet companions. Instead, the companions are auto-assigned. Hopefully, this feature will make a return in the next demo. Until then, may your gardens flourish and prosper!

Everseed Demo Gameplay Although the expansive Everseed universe will eventually encompass exploration and other engaging activities, the demo’s gameplay primarily revolves around a tower defense game. In this game, players employ plants to protect against hordes of blighted beasts. Yet, Everseed distinguishes itself from typical tower defense games by incorporating a higher level of strategy. The enemy creatures do not follow predetermined paths; rather, they seek the shortest route to your base. Players enjoy considerable freedom in deciding where to position their plants (towers), albeit with certain restrictions imposed by the terrain. Consequently, as the waves progress, players craft their unique gauntlet of doom, tailored to challenge the oncoming enemy waves.

During each round, players possess limited Energy to allocate. Consequently, they must carefully consider and plan between placing new plants, uncovering hidden terrain, and watering (leveling up) their plants. Since watering affects an area, players must find ways to strategically group their plants together, optimizing their efficiency.

Additionally, players are required to select a pet Companion to assist them. These companions can freely move before the round commences, obstruct creep movement, and possess one or more special abilities.


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