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Mirandus presents an exciting tech test and playtest for their captivating fantasy MMO. Scheduled to launch on May 15th, this playtest offers players the opportunity to delve into a tangible portion of the game world, enabling them to explore, socialize, engage in combat, hunt, and master the art of crafting.

The upcoming Mirandus playtest commences on May 15th and spans across a two-week period (with no confirmed end date yet). To participate in this playtest, players must possess a Mirandus Exemplar character and ensure it is stored in their Gala wallet. There are still available Exemplars in the Gala Games store as well as on third-party markets.

Moreover, the NFT game items, namely the Ring of Discord and the Lantern of the Sun, can be utilized within the game. These items serve as magical light sources for players, which proves particularly useful considering the darkness that envelops Mirandus during its nights. Additionally, owning a Mirandus VOX that corresponds to the Exemplar, such as a Seafarer Exemplar with a Seafarer VOX, grants players a 25% health boost in the game.

This playtest represents a substantial expansion compared to previous tests. Most notably, it features a full-size zone, a play area thirty times larger than their goblin test conducted last year! Within this expansive zone, players can embark on exploration, combat encounters, and engage in diverse crafting activities. The Mirandus team has intensified the challenge posed by the game’s monsters for this test, so they recommend venturing into dangerous areas accompanied by friends.

During the playtest, select players were granted early access for one hour, and various gameplay videos showcasing their experiences have been shared on the Mirandus Discord server. Interestingly, this event has caused some discontent among the player community. Allegedly, there was meant to be a reward for the first player to defeat the boss in this playtest. However, a few individuals who gained early preview access have managed to extract all the data, including spawn locations, loot tables, and the boss’s whereabouts, granting them a significant advantage in the competition. Consequently, there are discussions underway to revise the reward plans. If you wish to participate in the conversation, feel free to visit the Mirandus Discord.

Furthermore, another significant milestone accompanies this playtest—the conclusion of the sale for Firebrand steeds. Once this playtest concludes, any unsold Firebrand Steeds will be removed from circulation, making these unique NFTs unavailable for acquisition in the future.

But what exactly is Mirandus?

In development since 2020, Mirandus represents a fantasy MMO crafted by Gala Games. Built on the Unity platform, Mirandus immerses players in a first-person, open-world, fantasy MMO where players exercise full ownership over everything they possess, from the clothes they wear to the shops in towns and even the towns themselves! Within Mirandus, an intricate, interconnected economy takes shape, enabling players to undertake not only extraordinary roles as explorers and adventurers but also more ordinary professions like blacksmiths, hunters, and tavern keepers.

Adventurers require sustenance, armor repairs, and potions for their upcoming endeavors. The blacksmith relies on the woodcutter for supplies, while the butcher depends on the farmer for fresh meat. Numerous production lines intertwine, allowing players to relish the experience of being farmers, adventurers, traders, or even bards!

Players who own land plots possess the freedom to strategically choose their placement on the map. Will they opt for proximity to a dungeon, attracting more foot traffic? Or perhaps near a river for agriculture and trade? Alternatively, a location within a mountain pass would permit them to levy taxes on passersby who seek to traverse the area. When the game officially launches, five citadels, the largest cities in the game world, will be available. These citadels grant their owners the authority to establish and lead their own factions, impose trade taxes, and more. Business owners will then negotiate deals with landowners to secure suitable locations for their buildings and establishments.

Naturally, Mirandus will encompass the expected elements of hunting, gathering, thrilling battles, both player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) encounters, as well as the exploration of challenging dungeons in search of magnificent treasures.


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