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Gods Unchained, the well-known trading card game powered by blockchain technology, has recently unveiled the introduction of exciting new gameplay modes in its latest update. This update breaks the monotony of the sole standard game that has persisted since its beta launch.

Advancing Gameplay Enhancements

In a significant move to enhance gameplay in 2023, the Gods Unchained team is taking a notable step by introducing an alternative game mode for players. While the team narrowly missed their Q2 goal for implementing this new feature, players will now have the opportunity to participate in a rotating selection of diverse gaming experiences, injecting more excitement into the game.

The initial addition to the lineup of alternate game modes is called ‘Chaos Constructed.’ In this mode, players have the freedom to create their own game decks without any restrictions imposed by the choice of God. They can combine Death Anubians with Light Olympians or select cards from all five domains.

The team anticipates that this will lead to powerful combinations, ultimately resulting in more thrilling gameplay. The team aims to introduce approximately twelve different game modes, regularly rotating them initially to gather user feedback and address any concerns that may arise.

The Revamped Deck Builder

Furthermore, Gods Unchained has recently undergone a significant overhaul of its deck builder. The enhanced version now offers advanced filtering options, color-coded cards, and detailed deck breakdowns. Although some interface difficulties still remain, the revamped deck builder represents a promising advancement for the game.

Gods Unchained, a card game built on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizing the Immutable X layer-2 solution for gas-free trading, has established itself as a popular free-to-play game. It has gained popularity by offering players full ownership of their cards and the ability to trade them on various markets. Through gameplay, players collect digital ‘Core’ cards, and by combining two identical Core cards, they can create a blockchain-based card that is tradeable.

Opportunities for Rewards

Furthermore, Gods Unchained provides multiple avenues for players to win and earn rewards. Dedicated players receive cards as rewards, participate in weekend tournaments to acquire card packs, and earn GODS tokens through daily gameplay.

The game proudly presents various expansions, offering a wide range of cards that cater to different play styles. Card packs can be directly purchased from the official website, while the Immutable X Marketplace and Token Trove provide opportunities for secondary sales.

Exploring Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a popular trading card game operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It serves as a digital collectible card game where players construct decks of cards representing creatures, spells, and abilities. The game leverages blockchain technology to ensure true ownership and scarcity of the cards, enabling players to buy, sell, and trade their cards on various marketplaces.

In Gods Unchained, players engage in strategic battles against each other, utilizing their cards to summon creatures, cast spells, and unleash powerful abilities to defeat opponents. The game offers a range of game modes and expansions, delivering a diverse and ever-evolving gameplay experience.

A notable aspect of Gods Unchained is its integration with blockchain technology, which grants players complete ownership of their digital cards and allows them to trade securely without any intermediaries. This instills a sense of value and investment in players’ card collections.


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