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The blockchain-based card trading game Gods Unchained has told players that they will soon have to pay royalties. In marketplaces like OpenSea, TokenTrove, and Immutable X, fees for royalties will be added. The people who make games want to make royalties their main source of income in the future. In Gods Unchained, royalty fees will soon be added to cards that already exist, and they are already on all new cards.

When players make new cards, they will have to pay royalties. In the next few days, royalties will also be added to cards that have already been made. Also, it has been decided that 20% of royalty fees will go into the $GODS staking pool. With this contribution, Gods Unchained will help build a long-lasting play-to-earn ecosystem so that tokens can be given as rewards to active players.

What is the game Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play card trading game based on Immutable X. You can trade cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Through the game’s market, players can buy and sell cards. Players can earn $GODS, the game’s own currency that is used to pay for things inside the game. Rarities are one-of-a-kind cards that can be sold for $GODS. Gods Unchained is different from other NFT games because it converts the players’ real-world money. Fiat money, also called fiat currency, is “money that a government says is legal tender and backs up.” The $GODS token is an ERC-20 token that can be used to make NFTS and get rewards.

Why do royalties have to be paid?

Gods Unchained’s creators want to make the game’s economy strong so that players can play it for a long time. To do this, they added royalty fees to the staking pool rewards that were already there. At the moment, 300K $GODS and 20% allocations from pack purchases add up to more than 660K $GODS that are spent on Forge. In this way, the economy will stay in good shape. Because of this, the royalty fees are very important right now.

How will royalties be put into place?

All of the cards in Gods Unchained will have royalty fees added to them. It is true for all new cards that will be made in the future. After the royalty fees have been added to the new cards, it will take about two weeks for the old cards to be replaced. In this way, royalty fees will be added to all existing cards until they are all paid for.

In Gods Unchained, there are four different kinds of cards. Here is a breakdown of the fees that will be charged for different cards:

  • Meteorite cards, which are the most common on marketplaces, can be bought for the least amount of money, with fees of less than $0.01 for 5 percent.
  • There will be a fee of 4%, or about $0.01, for shadow cards.
  • Gold cards will have a 3% fee, which is about $0.04, added to them.
  • There will be a 1% fee, which is about $0.14, for diamond cards. Because these cards are rare and in high demand, the fee for them will be lower than for other cards.

Meteorite cards are cheap, so the team is working on making them easier to get so that most of the royalty fee will come from them.



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