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A sci-fi strategy MMO called Infinite Fleet is now in beta.

Players must buy a ship in order to play the beta. Ships are available in limited quantities. As of this writing, you can still buy the Polaris Cannon MK-5 (which costs $80), the Polaris Versa MK-6 (which costs $40), and the Polaris Envoy MK-3 (which costs $25).

In alpha, which ran from the beginning of March to the end of May, the game could be played. Since then, a few new features have been added, and there have been a lot of improvements. In the tactical view, players no longer have to click on each ship to give orders. Instead, they can now drag and select ships. The game’s graphics have gotten better, the HUD has been changed, and the minimum specs needed to play the game have gone down by a lot. If you hold down the Alt key, you can now scan asteroids that are highlighted in the HUD. Players can now find more minerals than before. These minerals can be used to “make equipment for your ships at space stations.”

The beta now has three kinds of missions: Reconnaissance, Assassination, and Routing. The first type tells players to look for enemies or other things to scan and send the data they find back to the United Sol Federation. In the second type of mission, players have to kill a certain enemy, and in the third type, “Routing,” they have to kill a “Atrox threat.” When players finish missions successfully, they get USF Credits, which can be used to improve their ship. In the future, this currency will also be used to research new technologies, upgrade tech trees, improve abilities, and do other things. You can also now raise your Commander Level by upgrading your ship. This gives you rewards and raises the level cap for ships. For now, the Commander Level will be capped at 12.


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