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Earlier this week, the Mist Metaverse team made a significant announcement revealing their own EVM blockchain, named the Mist Chain. The new network is powered by the $MIST token, and it is designed to support various types of decentralized applications (dApps), with a primary focus on Web3 games. The Mist Chain offers users a 1-click integration with MetaMask, fast transactions with minimal fees, and complete compatibility with Solidity for seamless dApp deployment.

Developers can easily migrate to the Mist Chain without any need to change their code, thanks to its complete EVM compatibility. However, the exact launch date for the mainnet has not been made public yet. But, those interested in exploring the network can participate in the testnet, which is scheduled to go live this Friday. The developers have also organized a competition to celebrate the launch of the testnet, where participants can win testnet tokens, priority access, and an exclusive limited edition NFT.

As per the announcement post, the Mist Chain development team plans to offer support to creators and incentivize developers to build on this new network. More details about this support and incentives will be shared in the future.

Some members of the gaming community have expressed concerns about the Mist Chain’s impact on the MMO itself. However, the development team has clarified that the Mist Chain development will not interfere with the progress of the blockchain MMO. They stated that their primary focus remains the Mist MMO, and the new network is an additional potential arm of the Mist Metaverse ecosystem. The team is currently regarding the Mist Chain as a research and development task to assess its use cases, making it a focus of the blockchain and research and development arms of the studio.


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