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Cryptocurrencies have been back on a bullish track for a month now, and so have been many investors. This rise in bullish trend has also increased usage of DEFI applications, NFT transactions, and just an overall increase in public participation in this class of asset. As you can see in the below image, the primary sales of NFTs have increased a lot in 3 months.

This is all because of profits of possessing NFTs, which are, 

  • Immutability
  • Smart Contract Compatible
  • Unique and one of one, etc.

NFTs can be of any digital media, images, videos, music, gaming equipment, virtual real estate, memes, gifs, etc. But the most exciting industry in NFTs currently is the NFT gaming industry. This allows transactions and traded of gaming equipment or assets among players which also allows them to use these traded assets. NFT gaming is a perfect combination, as it gives dopamine release to players by both enjoyment and a chance to make money work for the players.

What is Degen Gang:

Degen Gang is one of the newest addition to the NFT game industry. There are 7000 Degen Gang NFTs in existence. These Degen Gang NFTs represent as a pass of being in a gang and have special perks that come associated with being part of this gang.

The NFTs are made of different attributes and 180 traits which are randomly combined to make a Degen Gang NFT. These NFTs are inspired by collective artworks of internet artists. Degen Gang is like Hashmasks, but these are many more perks to investing in Degen Gang NFTs.

Why you could invest in Degen Gang

  • Degen Gang NFTs has the following advantages,
  • Commercial rights of the art
  • A rarity to the asset
  • Floor Price is low (only 0.06 ETH + Gas)
  • 5% royalty in the Degen Gang NFT minted when bought at the floor price.
  • Membership to Degen Gang.
  • Chance to participate and win in give-away and competitions.

An investor can mint up to 30 Degen Gang NFTs in a single transaction. Each NFTs grants access to the Degen Bar, which is their metaverse. You can participate in bar fights, which will be like a game where we can play to earn, participate in cross-breeding of NFTs, gain access to merch store, and much more.

After the transaction, the price of the NFTs will be represented by NFT marketplaces like the open sea. Since each NFT is unique, each will have a different value associated with it. The NFTs will be stored immutably on the Interplanetary files system (IPFS) which should give the investor confidence of immutability.

Should You Invest In Degen Gang?

It has many perks associated with it and the most special perk is that it has only a fixed number of NFTs in existence, which introduces the rarity aspect to it. For me, I will compare this asset to Hashmasks, as that also contains characters of different attributes compiles together. Now, if we look at Hashmasks, it has promised more than half a million dollars of profits to its investors in just a period of 6 months. With Degen Gang, the best thing for the investors is that they will be a part of a metaverse and would be exposed to having all the profits that come with NFT gaming.

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