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The world of Oath of Peak, developed by Yeeha Games, is a mythical realm full of adventure and excitement. As a Spirit Bender, players can explore 3D environments and encounter pets, monsters, and other players on their journey. This MMORPG is set in a world where the Evil Spirits invaded the land, causing chaos and destruction. But a hero with a sword rallied his people, leading a resistance with the Elves and Spirit Beasts to defeat the invasion and become powerful Spirit Benders.

Players enter the Earth Realm as new-generation Spirit Benders, ready to embark on a journey through the Omnispirit Realm to experience moments of bravery and glory. With five distinct classes, each with its own strengths, progression, and combat abilities, players can choose the class that best fits their playstyle.

The Five Classes of Oath of Peak

  • Alkaid: Melee Fighter, who excels in sustained damage, tankiness, and survival skills, using powerful claymores to conquer foes.
  • Megrez: Ranged Mage, who excels in sustained damage, control, and AOE skills, using the brush to summon natural disasters.
  • Dubhe: Melee Assassin, who excels in burst damage, concealment, and rogue skills, using double-edged swords to strike quickly.
  • Phecd: Ranged Physician, who excels in both healing and damage output, using a magical gourd to manipulate spirits.
  • Alioth: Ranged Puppet Master, who excels in sustained damage output, skilled in using puppets to overpower opponents.

Spirit Benders have the option to specialize in one or multiple mastery paths, with three different mastery paths available for each class. Players can upgrade their skills by using skill points, which can be reset at any time, and feed their Spirit Benders Kun Souls to increase their skill point cap to a certain limit.

Spirit Beast

Spirit Beasts: A Vital Companion on the Journey

In the world of Oath of Peak, Spirit Beasts are a player’s vital companion on their journey. Players can seal, breed, befriend, and nurture these unique creatures and take them along on their journey. Spirit Beasts range in strength, with the most powerful being known as Primordial Spirit Beasts (PSBs) or Primordials. These ancient and powerful beasts grant significant benefits to those who gain their favor.

Spirit Beasts have Aptitudes that affect their five base stats, with higher Aptitudes resulting in stronger scores. Players can train their Spirit Beasts using Remold, Star Palace, and Perception methods, and feed them certain foods to raise their level. Spirit Beasts gain EXP when they participate in battles and unlock additional Active and Passive Soul Skills as they level up.

Experience the Thrill of Battle and Glory

With its stunning graphics, captivating storyline, and dynamic combat system, Oath of Peak is a must-play for all MMORPG fans. As a Spirit Bender, players can experience the thrill of battle, the joy of nurturing Spirit Beasts, and the glory of the Omnispirit Realm. Join the resistance, become a powerful Spirit Bender, and embark on the ultimate MMORPG adventure in a world of mythology and legends.


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