Skip to main content will add a new farm you can build, which will need stone and wood.

  • All of the rare items from Sunflower Land will work with the new farms.
  • To celebrate the FIFA World Cup, NFT will have a soccer theme.
  • Sunflower Land will still try to grow without bots and naturally.

Sunflower Land is getting close to one of its most important goals, which is to become a game like the metaverse with an open world. From December on, more players will be able to join Sunflower Land’s farming world. This is a change from the game’s current limited sandbox phase.

The open game will start with a new map, where players can gather resources and grow their islands to build a complex and productive farm. Some of the rarest items from the old game will be able to be used in the new one. Players can also unlock islands that have different resources or treasures on them.

During cake challenges, the Goblin Wars, and other special events, farmers in Sunflower Land have made a number of unique items. Bears have recently been added to the game as decorations for farms.

Sunflower Land wants to grow more naturally

Sunflower Land stands out because it is one of the projects that has grown slowly and naturally. There is no free version of the game, and you have to pay a small fee to make money or buy a farm. But the closed beta was able to set up an economy where players were encouraged to improve their farm and items instead of cashing out.

Before it opened to the public, Sunflower Land brought on more than 150,00 NFT players and owners. Farm owners also made new Bumpkins and could buy clothes and tools for them that were mostly interchangeable.

Sunflower Land will also release a series of NFT with a theme. This will happen at the same time as the start of the FIFA World Cup.

Special promotions still affect how well the game works, and this time they were able to keep the number of players above 3,000 per day. Even during the bear market, Sunflower Land has done pretty well because players are more interested in building up their in-game resource base.

$SFL, the game’s token used to buy Bumpkins, clothes or other items, is still at $0.09. There is no exchange risk in the game, and each player owns their own assets. Sunflower Land is also one of the most active games when it comes to NFT transfers and records. The Polygon blockchain keeps track of all the things a player has done.


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