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The Power of Arbitrum for StarHeroes’ Gaming Experience

StarHeroes, in their relentless pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience, has scoured the vast reaches of the galaxy to find their celestial home. After an extensive search, they have discovered the perfect synergy in Arbitrum!

Why StarHeroes Chose Arbitrum

Arbitrum, Ethereum’s most active Layer2 solution, has established itself as the reigning champion of dApps ecosystems. Boasting an impressive 8.3 million total users, $1.82 billion worth of ETH gas saved, and $5.22 billion total value locked, Arbitrum reigns supreme in its category. It comes as no surprise that StarHeroes has decided to make their mark in this thriving gaming chain.

Unparalleled Speed and Cost Efficiency

Just like every pilot demands speed from their ship, StarHeroes recognizes the significance of fast transactions. Arbitrum stands out with its remarkable capacity to handle up to 40,000 transactions per second. This exceptional speed sets it apart from other solutions in the market.

Moreover, the cost of transactions on Arbitrum is unbelievably low compared to traditional L1 solutions. While Ethereum transactions may cost several dollars, on Arbitrum, they amount to mere cents. This cost-effective solution allows players to focus on what truly matters: the game itself.

A Stellar Partnership

StarHeroes, as the future top Esport Web3 game, understands the importance of collaborating with the best. By joining forces with Arbitrum, they have forged an exceptional partnership, ensuring an extraordinary gaming experience for their dedicated pilots.

About StarHeroes: The Ultimate Third-Person Space Shooter

Imagine a fusion of Everspace, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike, resulting in the ultimate third-person space shooter (TPS) – that’s StarHeroes. This game combines the best elements from these popular titles to deliver dynamic multiplayer spaceship combat. As a pilot, known as a Star Hero, you engage in battles alongside your team, competing in Adventure Mode or Ranked Mode. Both modes are skill-based and free to play.


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