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Play-to-Earn is one of the prominent sectors of web 3.0, which gained mainstream adoption in 2021. This exciting gaming ecosystem is growing at such a pace that it still has been one of the winners of the first half of 2022, with a 2,000% surge from last year. The idea of Play-to-Earn (P2E) is extending beyond online games to several hottest trends such as Move-to-Earn and Quest-to-Earn. Let’s look at these trends that are believed to be the craze of 2022. 

What is Move-to-Earn?

Move-to-Earn (M2E) is a new paradigm that combines move-to-play and play-to-earn strategies. In other words, Move-to-Earn is an amalgam of moving, gaming, and earning cryptocurrency or NFTs on the blockchain. M2E boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic with its concept of making people get up and start moving while using technology. Moving and walking are essential for health; therefore, M2E enabled users to do some physical exercise, and every move they make is rewarded by cryptocurrency. They can exchange earned cryptos for money, products, or donations, which depend on the platform. 

However, M2E apps, for example, STEPN, require users to purchase NFTs of sneakers and each NFT offers different challenges and rewards. In contrast, others, such as Sweatcoin, require purchasing its premium version for better earning and enhanced features.

Popular Move-to-Earn Projects

Some popular M2E games are STEPN, Sweatcoin, MetaGym, Genopets, Step, Calo, OliveX, and many others. 

What is Quest-to-Earn?

Quest-to-Earn (Q2E) is another latest trend after Move-to-Earn in the GameFi space. The quest-to-Earn concept allows users to earn cryptocurrency while completing several tasks such as solving riddles, doing daily things such as ordering a meal, taking pictures, etc. These tasks are the quests that enable users to stay healthy, active, and engaged while making money. Projects such as QuestianHQ have launched its Q2E series, where users are asked to complete several tasks to make money, such as “Add a hint of incentive to your grocery shopping.” Another project, the Quest3 platform, rewards users for watching ads and completing quests in a gamified way. However, this concept is new and is slowly evolving. Popular Quest-to-Earn ProjectsMany projects have released their Quest-to-Earn series, such as Thetan Arena, Pyme, Ledger Quest, etc. 

Closing Thoughts

GameFi diversified ecosystem has made it so easy to earn crypto than ever through its various sensational trends. This industry is ever-growing so we can expect more “-to-earn” trends in the future. 


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