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The collection of over 3,333 hand-crafted pixelated NFTs on the metaverse; yes, it’s Buck Buck NFT!

It’s an upcoming NFT project which is about to hit the market on May 1st at 5 pm EST. Now for all the NFT enthusiasts, Buck Buck NFT has packed a bunch of surprises. It’s a community-driven NFT project that will allow the members to hold the exclusive crypto token and to access the NFT research software, namely “Vanyosoft”. It would offer you great assistance in terms of choosing a particular NFT project.

Moreover, Buck Buck NFT holders also gain access to weekly webinars in which experts render their advice regarding how to be a successful NFT and crypto trader.

Buck Buck NFT Collection

Vanyosoft NFT software

Teo Vanyo, who is a renowned NFT trader and the co-founder of an exceptional software like Vanyosoft shared his hassles while working day and night to find potential NFT projects to buy. He indicated that the entire research work would eat his precious 12 hours of the day when he finally realized that Vanyosoft is something to work on!

Eventually, he succeeded in developing such a gem of software that now takes 5-10 minutes as compared to MASSIVE 12 hours in a day.

If you stay within the community of Buck Buck NFT, you’ll have immense chances of learning and experimenting! The dedicated training area would provide you with a chance to watch 30+ hours of NFT and Crypto trading tutorials by the king Teo Vanyo himself.

He comes LIVE every Wednesday at 12 pm EST to share the secret strategies and dos and don’ts of the NFT and crypto market.

The members have already highlighted the fact by admitting that they have grasped more concepts concerning crypto and NFT in just a few months as compared to what they’ve learned in their 5 or more years of crypto journey.

In short, Vanyosoft has eased down the problems for the traders. Earlier, the traders had to manually search on Etherscan to see what the multiple and major whale wallets are buying and selling. Now, through Vanyosoft, the top wallets’ data is accumulated in one straightforward dashboard.

The roadmap of Buck Buck NFT

The roadmap of Buck Buck NFT is quite simple. In Phase 1, they’ll opt to build and strengthen the community by providing every trader to become better by using Vanyosoft. In contrast with other NFT projects, Buck Buck NFT highlights a utility while solving a major problem of the traders.

Additionally, the minting would start with the whitelisted members at .05 eth. On the public sale, the NFT would be minted at .1 eth. Consequently, the whitelist sale would start on May 1st and the public sale would start on May 5th.

In Phase 2, the team would carry out software modifications and updates as suggested by the community members. The main aim would be to make constant improvements in the software to stay relevant.

Then, there’s a plan to upgrade the pixelated NFTs into a 2D version. The current pixel NFT holders would automatically be whitelisted for 2D version NFTs for the next launch. The next step is the $BUCKS Token. If you’re holding Buck Buck NFT, you’ll be able to stake to earn $BUCKS Tokens.

$BUCKS Token would act as a launchpad for other NFTs to launch from. These tokens would be utilized in buying a variety of services and also in shilling the NFT projects to the public.

Finally, in Phase 3, the team is keen to work on their very own “Buckverse”. Fingers crossed, let’s see how everything goes!




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