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What Is Cyber City?

Cyber City is a Play to earn game featuring Tokenized Assets and NFT Characters situated in the dystopian Eternal Megapolis. Moreover, Cyber City nifties will be traded on major NFT exchanges, and its main in-game token CYBR will play an essential role in developing the Cyber City environment. Didn’t we talk about city blocks and territories? Because the game is situated in a futuristic megacity, they have also tokenized Cyber City divisions and regions. This means you may now purchase, trade, and even compete for land NFTs on Cyber City!


NFT characters in Cyber City will have four primary characteristics: character type or physique, companionship, weapons, and clan. Cyber Samurai, Tech-Priest, and an original top contender, the Hage, are popular characters.

Cyber Samurai

The Dystopian World of Iniquity’s final bastion of tradition and dignity. A courageous warrior that is willing to battle and perish for his Master. His arsenal is his soul, and it has no space for pity.

Armored Shiba

Man’s closest buddy, clad in heavy armor and prepared to battle to the death beside the owner. He is Adorable, faithful, and lethal.


With unrestricted access to the World Wide Web, human life on and off the Internet merged. As a result, the mystery and superstition grew, and a new form of Magic arose. Hages wield this ability, yet it is just as deadly for them as for their enemies.

The Cyber Spirit

Somebody’s Digitalized Soul that arrived via the Internet and became trapped in the mortal world. It accompanies a randomly picked Master as a friend while having no memories or objectives of its own.


The priest of the Machine religion long ago shed his humanity to become a Gear in the cult’s Structure and Designs. Aspires for total bodily enhancement to be one with the Machine. The priest’s dedication and knowledge are what keep him alive.


The extinct sea animal inspired the invention of a robotic war and leisure device. Weaponized, functional, and stylish.

What Makes Cyber City A Leading NFT Game?

So, what distinguishes Cyber City from the next substantial play-to-earn NFT game?
Here’s how the Cyber City team intends to create Cyber City, a leading NFT game shortly:

  • Asset Farming — In-game resources, assets, and CYBR tokens will be traded within the game and through exterior network partners.
  • Territorial Invasion – Cyberians can battle for territory and resources. These resources can be converted into tokens that can be traded beyond the game.
  • Diverse Gameplay — Because there will be numerous sources for acquiring assets and resources in Cyber City, this game will feature varied modes for players because no two gamers are identical.
  • Growth and Tokenomics — Cyber City’s environment is based on a sustainable mechanism and token economy, which is supplemented by unplanned gaming elements and in-game activities utilizing CYBR tokens.

The age of Cyberians is here! Are you prepared?

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