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Metasport Basketball (MBA) is a free-to-play basketball metaverse and P2E video game in which NFT athletes of all shapes and sizes fight to become superstars on teams that they control and govern.

A blockchain-based basketball management game based on Ethereum, StarkWare’s StarkNet, IPFS, and the Internet Computer blockchain (with the help of the Terabethia bridge) will be developed to bring together the entire basketball ecosystem (franchises, players, coaches, fans, and venues) to create an e-sports environment that will provide an amazing gaming experience.

Combine MBA player NFTs to form a team, or transform your favorite NFTs from verified external Ethereum collections into basketball players by combining them with a MetaSports blank/morph card to create your custom team! In addition, you may train and manage them to achieve their goals.

During simulated games, the participants are NFTs who have been endowed with qualities and data that determine their effectiveness and strength.

MetaSports BasketBall

Play the game and earn great rewards

Players have the opportunity to win wonderful prizes and bonuses just by participating in the game. They will have the opportunity to win both of the game’s tokens, $BALL, and $MBA if they complete the following activities:

  • Playing and doing a variety of activities such as daily quests, tournaments, seasons, and weekly high score rankings.
  • Staking and receiving fees collected as in-game prizes, as well as the opportunity to actively manage the community treasury. Participants will also have the ability to influence game options by participating in the creation and direction of the project. Holders of tokens can influence the outcome of the game.

Features of MetaSports

  • Establish your franchise or team.
  • Build your team by collecting, trading, borrowing, selling, and purchasing MetaSports NFT players.
  • Morph NFTs from permitted external collections in-game to turn them to players, assign them stats, and utilize them on your team!
  • Earn $MBA & $BALL tokens by participating in free or salary-based leagues, seasons, and tournaments.
  • As you play, train, and develop your player’s stats and talents to raise their worth and skill.
  • As your club expands, your salary cap enables you to compete in more competitive seasons/leagues.
  • $BALL, the game’s utility token, will be used to purchase NFTs and participate in leagues and tournaments. Once you’ve put together your own NFT MBA team, you may start putting together the most effective team combinations. 
  • Participating in free tournaments and seasons increases your chances of winning additional NFTs and $BALL tokens, which will allow you to extend the choices available to your squad.

Metasports Game modes

Metasports Basketball has four distinct game types. Two season modes are available (Salary and Free), as well as a Tournament mode and a private match system. Loans & Borrowing is a fifth game option that is not immediately tied to the team’s gameplay but is a basic game feature.

MetaSports Game Modes

Salary Season

Pay your NFTs salary with $BALL and compete in high stakes seasons against other users for a chance to earn enormous $BALL and $MBA prize pools.

Free Season

Play a whole season without paying a wage. Acquire experience and advance your NFTs while earning $BALL and modest amounts of $MBA.

Free Tournament

Every hour, freeroll exhibition tournaments will be held for the chance to win a variety of prizes, including new NFTs, $MBA, and $BALL.

Private Game

1v1 private match game mode to hone your general manager abilities.

Borrowing & Loans

Loan your NFTs in exchange for $MBA/$BALL and/or a share of other users’ $MBA/$BALL season wins. Borrow players from other teams to increase your team’s performance throughout a season for a minimal cost.




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